Cultivating loving, serving, and thinking kids through a nurturing, joyful, Christ-centered environment.

Our Programs

A good preschool is about far more than just learning letters and numbers. At Gloria Preschool, we believe in nurturing the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – through engaging, hands-on learning experiences that not only exceptionally prepare your child academically for Kindergarten, but also help them grow in their relationships and their appreciation of the beauty and wonder of God and the world around them.
Gloria Preschool integrates a thematic concept into all academic areas while incorporating a wide variety of active learning experiences. Music, reading, arts and crafts, gross-motor physical activity, senso
ry playtime, and more are all incorporated into our daily curriculum!


Each classroom’s instruction is unique to the teacher’s teaching techniques as well as to the students’ needs. Activities are discovery-based through student participation in both large and small-group settings, classroom centers, and rotating learning centers. These developmentally-appropriate activities can also be scaffolded based on students’ needs.  Because we are part of Veritas Academy, students will also get additional enrichment with visits from our K-12 students and teachers from time to time to help enhance their learning experience! All themes are taught using Biblical principles as the basis for each unit.